Learn 4 reasons why graphic design matters and get your FREE cheat sheet of inspirational ideas to help you in your business. Click the picture for tips.

4 Reasons Why Graphic Design Matters

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Did you know that one of the most important things you can do for your social media efforts is to create high-quality graphics? The Internet is a visual place, and people need that ‘WOW’ factor to make them stop and take notice. In this post, I want to share why graphic design matters and provide a few tips and tricks to help you with your graphic design endeavors, even if you don’t have an eye for it.

Learn 4 reasons why graphic design matters and get your FREE cheat sheet of inspirational ideas can help you with your business, even if you don't have an eye for it. Click the picture to grab your cheat sheet.

Why Graphic Design Matters?

  1. Brand Recognition – Your message is based on consistent visuals that represent you and your business. It is important that your design is consistent across your website and social media platforms so potential customers will recognize your branding. If they know, like, and trust you; they will click on your pictures to learn more about what you have to say.
  2. Professionalism – You want to make a good first impression. You don’t want your design to look cheap or be like everyone else’s. Sometimes the best thing you can do is hire someone else to help you get started. I hired a graphic designer a few years back to help me with my branding. She designed my first blog. I still use the colors, fonts, etc. she developed for my brand.
  3. Efficiency and Productivity – Once I figured out what I wanted everything to look like in terms of my branding, creating my social media images got easier and easier. Especially once I started using Canva for Work. It is important to stay consistent in your branding. Canva allows me to include my branding’s colors and fonts. One of my favorite features in Canva is the ability to create one image and then use the magic resize tool to customize the same image to the appropriate size for each social media channels. Talk about time-saving!
  4. Set Yourself Apart – The online market has gotten more and more competitive. You must set yourself apart from others to get noticed. It’s always best to create graphics that reflect your brand and your personality. Remember, people buy from those they know, like, and trust. They want to know YOU; not the product, you are selling.
Running an online business is tough but creating your graphics for social media doesn’t have to be if you follow my tips. Because these tips will serve your business so well, I’ve created a free cheat sheet of all my FAVORITE tips and tools, links to where you grab them, and awesome hacks I use to make them work even better. Just click the image below to sign-up.

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