Would you like to make money doing something you love?

Even if you love your day job, I bet there are times when you look at your life and ask yourself, “Am I making a difference?” You want to be a part of something bigger but get stuck in the day to day journey. Too busy to stop and take a look at your life, your dreams, your passions. You want to offer the world something valuable, but sometimes you are unsure what that is or how to get there.

I totally get it. I’ve been there. As a teacher, I believed I made a difference in the lives of others, but it was at a high price. I worked A LOT! It affected my health and the time I spent with my family. And though many would argue a teacher’s job is flexible, never had to ask permission to go to the bathroom, scarf down their lunch in a matter of minutes, or spend a whole weekend writing lesson plans. While I enjoyed my job, I started longing for a more flexible work schedule and time to spend with my husband and kids. So rather than wishing things would change I worked toward creating a new path. Fortunately for me, I now have the best of both worlds. I am able to continue my work with teachers and students and create a home-based business that is rewarding and suites my personality.

Does the idea of working an online business from home appeal to you?

It should because the world as you know it is changing. The new economy is developing a different way of doing business. Building your eCommerce empire is something totally accessible to anyone with wifi and a dream. For over three years now, I have been able to build an online business that has taken on many forms. It hasn’t been easy, but it has been worth it. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and consistency. Lucky for you the biggest challenge you face has been done for you. And that is, Rodan and Fields has an already established brand and fantastic products!

My passion in life is helping others. I have spent most of my career helping children learn how to read and write while helping teachers learn new ways of teaching their students. My education has led me down the path of training in ways I never thought possible just a few years ago. My experience has helped me in this business and it can help you, too.

Although our businesses will share common ground in sharing skincare products, you still have the opportunity to create a business that is unique to you and draws the people you are excited about assisting. You will be a part of a fantastic community of entrepreneurs who share some of the same goals and dreams.

When You Join My Team, You will Receive

  • The tools to get you started with your Rodan and Fields business
  • Personalized weekly mentor calls from top leaders in the company
  • Personal access to me as your team leader
  • Access to top leaders in the business who will help you build a strong foundation and powerful residual income via Facebook groups
  • Ability to participate in the Lead the Way and Fast Start Programs to help grow your business
  • Opportunities to give back by participating in our Prescription for Change program
  • The deepest discounts on all of the company’s products
  • One set of business cards and thank you cards

You receive all the training tools you need to create YOUR perfect business. You have the support, but you must do the work.


  • Willing to put in part-time hours to grow their business
  • Willing to attend training, conference calls, and webinars
  • Teachable
  • Hard-working
  • Motivated

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